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Classic Craft, Modern Voyage

Experience the blend of timeless design and modern innovation that defines Lyman Boats.

Introducing the All-New 2024 Lyman Runabout & Center Console

Timeless Elegance

At Lyman Boats, we craft more than vessels, we craft memories. Each curve of mahogany and brass fitting on our boats harkens back to a golden era of boating, where craftsmanship was an art and every launch a cherished tradition. Our boats carry with them the charm of bygone days, offering a timeless journey over the waters they navigate. 

Legacy Reimagined 

As we carry the Lyman legacy forward, we blend the soul of our storied past with the pulse of modern innovation. We stand at the helm of tradition, ready to unfold a new chapter that respects our heritage while sailing towards the future. 


Enduring Summer Memories

With us, every journey promises not just a destination, but an experience steeped in the rich history and loving craftsmanship that is unmistakably Lyman. 

Cerny Yacht Design on the Modern Lyman.jpg

Kurt Cerny, Naval Architect

Born and raised in NE Ohio, Kurt Cerny grew up with a passion for Lake Erie and the watercraft that called it home. From his family cottage in Marblehead, he saw firsthand the grace and beauty of the classic Lyman. His grandfather, father, and uncles all owned Lymans throughout the years and they praised them for their seakeeping in the often choppy waters of the Western Basin. Tasked with designing a modern Lyman, Kurt knew it was one thing to create a beautiful boat but another to design a hull that would live up to the revered Lyman name.

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